The New Action Heroes- at AddVenture MINC, Malmö

At AddVenture I talked about how the paradigm shift following upon the enduring financial crisis and climate warnings calls for a new kind of capitalism. Some call it “Capitalism Generation 4”, some “Social Capitalism”, some “Sustainable Capitalism” , some “The New Capitalism” and some simply “the only way to go”. Here mechanisms of long-term orientation, solidarity, inclusion, climate care and responsibility must be built into the economic system. We must reevaluate what key measures to use when measuring success; e.g. BNP does not imply how (un)equal the economic activity in a nation is, and share holder value takes for granted that the only value a share holder should be interested in is monetary. Why not measure value in terms of social good, reducing poverty or supporting women’s education in patriarchic societies? Consumers translate the abstract values in The New Capitalism into the applicable meanings of Authenticity, Neogreen, Collaboration and Sharing. In a massive collective movement these consumers will together with producers, social entrepreneurs, politicians and an enlightened group of  investors  be the action heroes that introduce this new society that will rise rather than fall.