Sofia Ulver

AdDay 2017: “From Consumer to Activist,” May 11, Stockholm

At the bizzy wizzy AdDay, for Sweden’s various brand owners to meet and get inspired, I spoke about the interesting shift in roles where both consumers AND companies together become activists. Hence, the market increasingly becomes an arena for political positioning. Where national political parties (unfortunately) fail to influence the globalized world, consumers (unfortunately) have to lean more and more upon other actors to represent them. This is where the new branding paradigm comes in; brands and consumers in a symphonic co-play in political activism.

Malmö Näringslivsgala 2017: “Malmöberättelser och Brytningspunkterna”

Malmö city has and is going through major shifts and changes, not least as we speak. The stories about Malmö are spectacularly polarised and yet co-existing. How does one make sense of this? And how is consumer culture part of these stories and the breaches that change them?