Sofia Ulver

“Declining Middle-Classes and Consumption”, Session Organizer at the 3’d ISA Forum 2016, Vienna, Austria

At one of the world’s most renowned conferences within sociology (the 3’d international Sociological Association Forum: “The Futures we Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a better world)  within Jean-Pascal Daloz’z research committee on comparative sociology, I organised a session on the shrinking of the middle-classes and what consequences this has for classical theories on consumption. Took place in Vienna, Austria, 10-14 July, 2016. Very exciting papers were presented, e.g. by Professor Louis Chauvel, and the room was packed. Not only by audience but also with discussions.

Journal of Marketing Management: “Masculinising Domesticity”

In this JMM published article I and Marcus Klasson examine how men configure their gendered identity in a traditionally feminine domain; the setting of the domestic kitchen. We identify how feminised masculinities are shaped into hegemonic masculinity.

Reference: Klasson, M and Sofia Ulver (2015) “Masculinising Domesticity: An Investigation of Men’s Domestic Foodwork”, Journal of Marketing Management, 31:15-16, 1652-1675

The Newspaper: The Most Social of Media

In this ethnographic consultancy project (commissioned by a large Swedish Media group) I and a team of observers explored the rituals, routines, habits and meanings related to newspaper reading.  The 25 participants were all loyal and enthusiastic subscribers of the paper version of the newspaper and wrote reading-diaries for a week and gave ethnographic interviews in their homes. The results were intriguing and the paradoxical, overall insight taught us that no media can be as social as a a paper newspaper.