Sofia Ulver

Market Evolution and Coproductive Nerd Cultures

Since a year back me and my colleagues at Lund University, together with a network of international affiliates, run a talked-about research project on the evolution of markets from a consumer culture and market system perspective. We interview, observe, photograph, collect diaries and hang out with all kinds of actors (media actors, bloggers, brand producers, suppliers, consumers, shop owners, etc) involved in various passionate communities (popularly speaking habituated by consumer “nerds” who often know more about a company’s products than the company itself does). If you know of some interesting “nerds” or emerging markets please let me know. We are always curious.

“New Cultural Complexity Challenging Old Communication Models”, Stockholm Media Week

At the 10 year anniversary of Stockholm Media Week I have been invited to speak about how communication and media thinking fits with today’s and tomorrow’s consumer culture. How come surprisingly many multinational companies, media agencies, communication and advertising bureaus cling on to old communication models (e.g. AIDA(S)) when the cultural landscape of communication so evidently has changed radically the few last years? How come it is so hard to let go of these darlings and how should we think instead?