Sofia Ulver

Uncomfortable Panel Debate with Melker Andersson, 24 Sep 2013

“Food guides reluctant star” Sydsvenskan writes about the panel debate (“Fem i Tre” arranged by Sydsvenska dagbladet) where Melker Andersson, as expected, opposed everything I said (of course; I am an academic researcher!)

Grönt segertåg på krogen, Sydsvenskan 13 Sep 2013

“After the meat trend, now it is the vegetable’s turn….’A larger proportion of what we eat will be green’ says Sofia Ulver, consumer researcher at Lund University”.

Talking about Foodies- Livsmedelsdagarna, Tylösand

Is the growing “Foodie Culture” (the global middle class movement of food enthusiasts interested in advanced cooking and eating) a sign of the fall of the Western Civilization? At Livsmedelsdagarna in Tylösand I held a presentation about the increasing criticism of the “gluttony” in foods among the middle classes and how we instead of a sign of ultimate decadence may regard it as the sign of a new start of a new enduring and good consumer society considering the meanings this culture infuse into their practices. Here is a small interview with me at YouTube before my presentation.